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THE NEHAJ TOWER – A MONUMENT OF WORLD HERITAGE Proposal for the promotion of the Nehaj Tower to the UNESCO list of world heritage


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The Nehaj Tower is a unique monument of fortification architecture built in the 16th century (1588) on the demand of General Ivan Lenković and Graz Military Council. Therefore its represents a unique example of fortification architecture on the crossroads of Medieval and Renaissance periods. It is built partly from the material of the dilapidated churches, monasteries and other buildings, which were placed outside the town of Senj’s ramparts. It was an important strategic building for defence from Ottoman attacks and by its characteristics represents a part, not only of Croatian, but of European heritage, as well which is marked by the time and spirit when it was necessary to protect Europe and its identity during the period of the Ottoman invasions. The building is well preserved and conserved and it has not lost its originality. Today it represents a valuable monument of national culture and it is a recognisable sign of a historical period and the Senj region. The tower is also an interesting part of the tourist attractions of this part of Croatia. In the paper the author presents the reasons why he believes that the building should be proposed as a candidate for the UNESCO List of World Heritage.

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Nehaj tower; monument; World heritage; UNESCO

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