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Online Habits of the 55 plus Generation in a Selected Region of the Czech Republic

Čeněk Celer ; Faculty of Social and Economic Studies
Michaela Jánská orcid id ; Faculty of Social and Economic Studies

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Purpose – The Internet is now becoming part of the 55 and up generation. This study assumes that there is an increasing number of elderly people using the Internet. Based on this assumption, this article’s objective is to explore the impact of selected demographic characteristics on Internet usage variables. These variables include the frequency of the Internet use, the Internet access location, the type of information sought, and the overall frequency of use of this media for a particular purpose.
Design/Methodology/Approach – The introduction presents the theoretical background of the topic and is followed by a section focusing on the evaluation of primary research data. This data includes the use of a correlation coeffi cient that measures the level of dependence between the variables studied. Another tool used during research is called a decision tree. A decision tree detects the variable with the strongest influence on the Internet use. In this case, the variable was the location used to access the Internet.
Findings and implications – When examining the conditionality between demographic variables and the Internet use, we are talking about independence or, more precisely, a slight dependence. This has to do with the fact that seniors of all ages use the Internet regardless of demographic factors. It is more about social influences.
Limitations – It is not possible to take the data found in this analysis and apply it to the Czech Republic as a whole.
Originality – Based on the research results, we can refute any significant impact of demographic characteristics on the Internet use by seniors. The discourse describes and subsequently compares the views of both foreign and domestic research on the issue.

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Internet, older people, demographic characteristics, Internet usage variables, Czech Republic, decision tree

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