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Predictors of Vocational Outcome Expectations Among Future Teachers and Educators

Andreja Bubić orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilište u Splitu

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Postulating expectations regarding one's professional future
represents an important segment of career decision making,
as well as choosing behaviors aimed at fulfilling professional
goals. Given the relevance of this topic, the conducted study
addressed such expectations among a group of students
studying to become educators and teachers. Specifically, 301
students participated in this study and completed instruments
designed for measuring their core self-evaluations, self-
-perceived employability, career decision self-efficacy and
vocational outcome expectations. In doing so, the goal
of the study was to investigate the contributions of core self-
-evaluations, self-perceived employability and career decision
self-efficacy to students' vocational outcome expectations.
The obtained results indicated core self-evaluations, self-perceived
employability and career decision self-efficacy as
statistically significant predictors of vocational outcome
expectations. In addition, the contributions of core self-evaluations
and self-perceived employability to students' expectations were
mediated by their career decision self-efficacy. These findings confirm
and extend previous knowledge related to the relevance of beliefs
regarding own abilities and characteristics for vocational outcome
expectations and may be informative for future research as
well as career development counseling programs.

Ključne riječi

decision making; vocational outcome expectations; career decision self-efficacy; self-perceived employability; core self-evaluations

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