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Several aspects and issues regarding group find of King Coloman’s 2,000 silver coins from Donji Lepuri

Dejan Filipčić orcid id ; Zadar, Hrvatska

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A depository of King Coloman’s coins was discovered in Donji Lepuri around 1878. Though the accurate figure is not known, reference literature suggests the figure of 2,000 pieces. The depository was brought into connection with the intervention by Coloman, King of Hungary, with regard to winning Croatian nobility over for electing him king of Croatia at the time of vacancy. By analysing the first source informing us about this depository (Bulletino di archaeologia e storia Dalmata of 1878, and the following issue of 1879), the author came to the conclusion that some of Coloman’s coins from the depository had reached the Archaeological Museum in Split. It is however not claimed that 2,000 pieces of silver had been discovered, as it was later stated in scientific literature. By analysing the sources, or rather bibliography tackling this topic, and by using various approaches to a better reconstruction of information regarding the depository, the author presents all the options related to its possible coming to be. The depository in Lepuri could not have exclusively kept Coloman’s money. It may be proved neither that it contained 2,000 coins nor that it was buried approximately between 1102 and 1105, i.e. that it was in any way connected with Coloman’s efforts to win Croatian crown. Apart from the inspection of several other finds of Coloman’s money from the area of North Dalmatia, a bigger picture regarding historical and economic circumstances present in the subject area at the beginning of the 12th century is offered as well.

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Coloman, silver coin, Donji Lepuri, group find of coins

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