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Pomological characteristics of the most represented autochthonous apple cultivars from the area of Northeast Bosnia

Besim Salkić ; Univerzitet u Tuzli Tehnološki fakultet Tuzla
Zoran Jovović ; Univerzitet Crne Gore, Biotehnički fakultet Podgorica
Ensar Salkić
Ahmed Salkić

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Introduction:Autochthonous apple cultivars are present in the life of the population of almost every country. They have economic imporance, especially in the nourishment of the population, as well as very valuable genetic material in breeding process. There is little literature based on scientific methods related to the description of these varieties. Mostly the descriptions of local apple varieties are given through folk tales and poems.
Task of the paper: The aim of this research is the description of autochthonous apple cultivars and creation of preconditions for their registration and their placing in the Bosnian and Herzegovina's list of culti-vars.
Results and discussion: Varieties of apples covered by this work were monitored for two years in an ex situ collection of autochthonous apple cultivars in Špionica, municipality of Srebrenik. The description of fruits is given through the following parameters: fruit weight, axis height and diameter, fruit index, length of fruit stalk, depth of calix end and firmness of fruits. The results are statistically processed and presented in tables and graphs.
Conclusion: Due to the diversity of the pomological characteristics of autochthonous apple cultivars, their quality and purpose of fruits and because of the longevity that is result of their resistance to unfavorable abiotic and biotic factors of growing, they represent a real small treasure because they are a source of genetic diversity and a factor of biodiversity.

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autochthonous apple cultivars; pomological descriptions; biodiversity

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