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Aging and Old Age in the Mirrors of Spirituality

Ana Štambuk ; Pravni fakultet, Studijski centar socijalnog rada, Zagreb

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str. 142-151

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This paper describes spirituality as an area that is becoming increasingly relevant in working with the elderly in both health and social types of care. Spiritual and spirituality are rarely mentioned in theories of aging. Within the theory of psychosocial development, spirituality can be recognised in the ninth phase, i.e. the stage of gerotranscendence. Accepting one’s own infirmity or dependence can be a source of growth, and the opportunity to develop spiritual qualities (patience, gratitude, pleasure in small things, satisfaction because I exist and live), and it also provides a new opportunity for reevaluation of one’s entire life by giving a new meaning to all that was lived. According to the developmental theory of positive aging, people who grow in age gradually approach the meta-perspective, i.e. they gradually abandon the perceptible, tangible, visible and material vision of life and of the world and acquire the cosmic-transcendent vision. This work points to the need for education of professionals who work with older people on the importance of recognising their spiritual needs.

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the elderly, spirituality, spiritual needs, gerotranscendence, developmental theory of positive aging

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