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Fortified Barrack Complexes of the Galician Fortresses of Krakow and Przemyśl – a Path towards Adaptation

Wojciech Rymsza-Mazur ; Krakow University of Technology, Poland

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Barrack complexes of Krakow and Przemyśl, the largest Austro-Hungarian fortresses in Central Europe, are numerous and relatively well-preserved facilities of the former garrison backup infrastructure. Their solutions, although different in terms of construction time and contemporary function, nowadays constitute successful examples of adaptation, revitalisation, and heritage conservation. They include the campus of the Cracow University of Technology, the historic complex of exemplary Archduke Rudolf barracks that has been taken over from the army, adapted and extended in the 1960s and 1970s, at present revitalised according to the concept of the Education and Museum Centre that takes into consideration Tadeusz Kościuszko, the military engineer, after whom the university was named. A part of the historic supply complex of the Krakow Fortress adapted to the Home Army Museum, as an example of saving a building on a degraded post-military area abandoned by the army and deprived of its identity, received a new genius loci in the museum's architectural vision and space of ideas. The phenomenon of cavalry and aviation barracks, the combination of imperial and royal cavalry with the outset of military aviation, constitutes a unique landscape of airfields from the times of the monarchy. Adjacent to the complex of the new Museum of Polish Aviation and Aviation Culture Park, they are still used by the army. A barrack complex in Siedliska near Przemyśl raised at a background of the outer ring of fortifications with its vision of a hostel, a small tourist refuge lost somewhere in the Polish-Ukrainian frontier, will serve for the purposes of education and cultural tourism as a site with an interesting neighbourhood of historic military architecture that is unique in Europe.

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barrack complexes; heritage adaptation; revitalisation; museum; campus; hostel

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