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Aquae Iasae – new discoveries in the Roman sanctuary – with special regard to the cults of Apollo, Asclepius and Serapis

Dora Kušan Špalj

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The paper presents the results of the new archaeological
excavations in Varaždinske Toplice,
conducted from 2011 to 2015 in the area of the
Roman sanctuary built around the natural hot
spring. The excavations have shown that a wide
area around the spring was enclosed during the
1st century AD, while a rectangular structure was
built around it in the 2nd century AD; a spring reservoir
8 x 13.5 meters in size, from which thermal
water was then lead to the baths through a system
of canals. It was discovered that the spring
reservoir was repaired in the 4th century AD
using older inscriptions, reliefs, and even sculptures,
which were used as regular construction
material for masonry and backfill. More than 50
sacrificial altars, inscriptions, and reliefs were
found, while the spring itself contained 17,000
Roman coins. Special attention is given in the
paper to the finds that confirm the existence of cults dedicated to Apollo (Apollo/Sol), Aesculapius,
and Serapis at the baths during the 2nd and 3rd
century AD, which also testify to the popularity
of this sanctuary among the highest government
officials of the time. New finds also indicate the
possibility of an oracle around the spring, and a
relief with an inscription could allow us to infer
the exact date of the festivities held in honour
of female deities: Isis/Fortuna, Venus, and the

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Varaždinske Toplice, thermal sulphur water, spring reservoir, Apollo, Aesculapius, Serapis, oracle

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