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Perturbational Self-Consistent Orbitals for Open-Shell Systems. An Applicatlon to Xylylenes

Padeleimon Karafiloglou ; Universite Paris-Sud Laboratoire de Chimie Theorique (ERA 490) Batiment 490 F - 91405 ORSAY Cedex

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str. 389-395

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An extension of the Lefebvre-Daudey method of building self-
consistent localized MO's for closed-shell systems by use of the
perturbation theory is given for open-shell systems. By avoiding
the eigenvalue problem, and then the diagonalization process, a
convenient set of SCF MO's is build so that the results of the
Configuration Interaction calculations can be qualitatively understood
from a chemical point of view. An application to the orthometa-
and para-xylylenes is given.

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