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Dialectics of Insularity: The Open Enclosure of Island Communities as a Model of Social Organizing in the Age of Migrations

Ana Jeinić ; Institut za teoriju arhitekture, povijest umjetnosti i kulturne studije, Graz, Austrija

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Owing to their spatial enclosure and detachment from the mainland, islands may be considered as separate and autonomous worlds, yet they are also intersection points of various migration routes, human and animal alike. A dialectical understanding of insularity, as a result of merging the image of the island as an isolated world and the island as a dynamic node, offers a more adequate insight into the relationship between islands and migrations (i.e. between islanders and migrants) in the context of (post)national territorial systems and the globalized market. Moreover, a dialectical re-coding of the idea of insularity may help the inhabitants of islands on their way towards genuine political emancipation, as well as serve as a model of social organizing in an age marked by frequent and massive enclosures and expulsions, in which an increasing number of us is turning into a sort of islanders and refugees.

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insularity, islanders, isolation, migrations, floating islands, refugee camps, tourist economy, commons, solidarity action, glocal subjects, democratic utopianism

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