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Being / Existing between There and There. Commonplaces of Temporary Migration at the Exhibition Between There and There: Anatomy of Temporary Migrations

Irena Bekić ; Galerija Prozori, Knjižnice grada Zagreba, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Duga Mavrinac ; Institut za antropologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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By presenting the anthropological-artistic research project Between There and There: Anatomy of Temporary Migrations and the exhibition of the same name as one of its events, we analyse some of the terms that we, as its authors, used in constructing our narrative on modern temporary migrations. We have approached this phenomenon from the position of collaboration between cultural anthropology and contemporary art, with the goal of encouraging a dialogue between these two disciplines in addressing the said social phenomenon, often absent from the dominant public discourse on the “major” migration movements. When reflecting on modern migrations, cultural anthropology sees migrants as an active mobile subject that continuously and simultaneously creates and re-elaborates meanings and values while weaving dynamic transnational networks. However, transmigration also implies the architectures of these new relations, as well as the feeling of permanent displacement and not-belonging. The proposed interpretation framework questions the capacities of the existing and potential (co)relations between cultural anthropology and art, and then looks at the phenomenon of temporary migrations, their representation in the media, artistic performative practices in which the migrant body is inscribed in public space, and so on. The collaborative method employed on the level of project curating has also been used in individual collaborative art projects, which makes collaboration the fundamental principle on which this exhibition was built.

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temporary migrations, cultural anthropology, contemporary art, engaged art practices, transmigration, liminality

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