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Migration as a Necessity: Artistic Activity of the Migrative Art Collective (1991–1996)

Maja Marković ; samostalna istraživačica

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The paper focuses on the activity of Migrative Art collective, officially established in Belgium in 1992, tracing its conceptual formation from 1991 onwards. The collective consisted of artists from ex-Yugoslavia living in exile and inviting artists from the post-Yugoslav area to encounters and gatherings. Migrative Art “liberated territories” by acts of “artistic occupation”, organizing various events such as concerts, film projections, exhibitions, performances, talks, installations, and actions in public space. The collective’s aim was to re-establish the lost contact between people from the former Yugoslav federation, as well as to “introduce art” to Belgian universities and Belgian students. This research follows the collective’s actions during the period from 1991–1996 held in various cities: Brussels, Antwerp, Louvain-la-Neuve, Esch-sur-Alzette, and Luxembourg. Organization of an “impossible encounter” is presented as the collective’s major artwork.

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Migrative Art collective, migration, exile, post-Yugoslav art, “impossible encounter”, burying artworks, mediatic silence

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