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Organizational culture in Public Administration

Ivan Koprić ; Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagreb

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Organizational culture makes a new shoot o f a psychological approach in the theory o f organization. Although its practical importance has b een ever more recognized, it is still often being classified among the “soft”, less important organizational variables. The article first generally deals w ith a culture and the organizational culture, than points out the connection between the public management and the organizational
culture, the values in the public administration and the différences in
practical orientations o f public officiais. On that basis the typology o f organizational culture in public administration has been established In construction o f the types the point o f departure moke, namely,
the values being spread among the memb ers o f administrative organizations on one hand, and the practical orientations o f officiais in real behaviour, on the other. There is a distinction made between the legal, thè politicai and the economic values as well as between thè professional - proactive and the bureau - reactive practical orientation. This way the six types o f culture hâve been derived. The culture with
legal values might be a legalistic one, i f the atitude o f officiais tovoards values is a professional - proactive, or a bureaucratie one, i f this atitude is a bureau-reactive. I f politicai values hâve been spread, the culture might be - with a proactive atitude a participative one, or - w ith a bureau orientation - an authoritative one. Economic values characterize both the enterpreneurial (proactive atitude) and the administrative, managerial culture (bureau - reactive atitude).
In the conclusion a popularity and improtance o f the organizational culture has been commente! upon, and the need and possible directions ofitsfurther study emphasized as well as thè significants of typology in that theoretical - research and practical respect.

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organizational culture, public administration

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