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Reception of antiquity in selected examples of Croatian poetry of the twentieth century

Zdravka Martinić-Jerčić orcid id ; Hrvatski studiji Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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In the poetry of Croatian literature of the twentieth century motifs from the classical period occupy a significant place. In this paper the emphasis will be on four poets who lived most of their lives in the twentieth century. The opus of Vladimir Nazor, Miroslav Krleža, Dobriša Cesarić and Ivan Slamnig, who lived deep in the twentieth century and left a big mark in Croatian culture as poets and public figures, will be explored. The theme of this paper belongs to the domain of intertextuality, and the insight into the reflections of antiquity in the poetry of the twentieth century in the research for this article will try to show that topos and allusions dominate in the twentieth century especially in the later poets, but also that this influence is still present even in the late twentieth century. Since a more detailed analysis within the framework of this paper will not be possible, examples and citations will be given with general observations related to this topic, and each of the researched authors.

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motifs from the classical period; intertextuality; Croatian literature of the 20th century; V. Nazor; M. Krleža; D. Cesarić; I. Slamnig

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