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Why Is lt Possible to Speak of a Separate Croatian Language?

Petar Guberina

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For rea sons of its topicality and the good solutions offered. we are reprinting the
·'Treatise on Standard Croatian'' by Petar Guberina, publi shed in 1940 in his book. co-
authored by Kruno Krstić. Dijferences Between Standard Cromian and Serbian. Using
F. de Sauss ure's structuralist and Ch. Bally's stylistic methods. the author argues
the autonomy of Standard Croati an. He emphasizes that. in evaluating standard-language
phenomena. the various levels should be respected approaching the phenomena
from synchronic. standard-language and stylistic viewpoints. Diachrony. dialectology
and any other standard language, however close, must be disregarded. Since language
practice can use the units from various systems. the author underlines the importance
of the stylistic values of such phenomena. Frequently. a stylistic system does not produce
identical styli stic values. which makes the stylistic level exceptionally important,
a fact often neglected thus far.

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