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Monodisperse Sols of Barium Sulfate. III. Electron-Microscopic Study of Internal Structure of Particles

J. J . Petres ; Department of Physicai Chemistry, Institute »Ruder Boskovic«, Department of Biocolloidal Chemistry
Gj. Deželić ; Andrija Stampar Schooi of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine
B. Težak ; Physicai Chemistry of the University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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str. 183-186

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The internal structure of monodisperse barium. sulfate particles
precipitated from homogeneous solution was studied. The
elliptically shaped particles were examined by a sufficiently penetrating
electron beam (acceleration voltage 80 kV) and by the
ultramicrotomic technique. The particles did not appear compact
but had a sponge-like structure with an average pore size of 30 A.
The present results are supporting the assumption of barium
sulfate particles being possibly formed by an aggregation mechanism
predominantly over the direct diffusion growth of primary

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