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Possible Applications of Industry 4.0 Based on Customer Relationship Management in Bakery

Branimir Dukić orcid id ; University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek, Faculty of Economics in Osijek, Osijek, Croatia
Robert Obraz orcid id ; Klimaoprema d.d., Samobor, Croatia
Stojanka Dukić ; duxMission d.o.o., Osijek, Croatia

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Production of bakery products went through a long and gradual transformation from individual, craft to modern industrial production. Today, the production of bakery products has been developed by mass high-automated industrial production. Although production plants that find their economic justification mostly on the expenditure side of reduction of production costs and production processes, the modern business requires a change of the income side, where development of relations with consumers has more important role. Production of bakery products had all the features of mass production until recently. Due to the importance of bakery products in the nutrition of people, particularly in developed parts of the world, demand for bakery products could be considered as non-elastic, since the price, quality and range of bakery products were basically irrelevant to the volume of demand for these products. However, at the end of the twentieth century the purchasing power of the population, as well as the level of information, knowledge and self-awareness, significantly influenced the con-sumption of bakery products. The modern consumer changes the structure of food in the nutrition and he is no longer satisfied with a mass-produced product, but requires a product that is “tailored” according to his needs. The manufacturing capabilities of modern, numerically controlled machines that make Industry 4.0, allow the production of “tailored” products according to the needs of individual consumers. Consequently, transformation and transition from mass to individualized bakery product production requires a scientific and systematic approach.

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bakery; customer relationship marketing; industry 4.0; mass production.

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