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The Rule of “the Second Place“ in the Croatian Language or about the (Half(un))free Word Order

Tomislav Frleta

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In this article we have tried to point out some obstacles in defining the word order in the
Croatian language as a free one. We have also dealt with the problems relating to enclitics
and their position in the so-called “second place“. Furthermore, we have found out that the
reason for dislocating the verbal clitic for the present of the third person of the verb to be
( je) is in its keeping of a kind of a half accent in its transformation from the accentuated
to non-accentuated form. Finally, we consider the order of pronominal clitics (D-G-A) as a
correct one only when the pronoun in accusative is represented with the reflexive pronoun
se. In case that there are only personal pronoun clitics in the sentence, the correct order of
pronominal clitics should be D-A-G.

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