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Results of the rescue excavation on the Late Avar cemetery on the site Šarengrad – Klopare in 2017

Anita Rapan Papeša orcid id ; Gradski muzej Vinkovci, Vinkovci, Hrvatska
Andrea Rimpf orcid id ; Muzej grada Iloka, Ilok, Hrvatska
Marko Dizdar orcid id ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The second season of the rescue archaeological excavation of the Late Avar period cemetery on the Šarengrad – Klopare site confirmed and enriched the knowledge of period of the 8th century in the Croatian Danube Region. The research was focused on the area of the cemetery stretching to the east, resulting in the discovery of new rows of burials (Fig. 1–2) with extremely richly equipped graves (Fig. 3–5), highlighting the discovery of grave wooden architecture in several graves (Fig. 6). The deceased were laid in very deep grave pits (Fig. 3). The most prominent are burials of horsemen with horses and their equipment (Figs. 4–5) and a grave of warrior with a single-edge curved sword and belt set were found (Fig. 9; 12). Females are accompanied by objects of costume and jewellery as well as items for everyday use. Outstanding are silver lunulus earrings (Fig. 11). Several children’s burials were also found, characterized by shallow buried grave pits. Ceramic vessels and remains of animal bones testify to the funeral ritual (Fig. 7). The research has defined the direction of the spreading of the cemetery, which for the time being is the first archeologically investigated Late Avar cemetery dated to the 8th century in the Croatian Danube Region.

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Šarengrad; cemetery; Croatian Danube Region; Late Avar Period; weaponry; costume; horse gear

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