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Probe archaeological excavations around the Zrinski Tower and Patačić Palace in the central town park in Vrbovec in 2017

Tatjana Tkalčec orcid id ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In the fall 2017 probe archaeological investigations around the Dvor Patačić (Patačić Palace) and the so-called Kula Zrinski (Zrinski Tower) in Vrbovec were conducted in order to gain the insight into the state and structure of the foundations of the buildings, archaeological layers and other structures. An additional goal of the opened trenches around Kula Zrinski was to try to define the remains and the disposition of the Patačić Castle, from which the only preserved part is just mentioned tower, and to examine the possible continuity of the location from the late Middle Ages. The remains of shallow-founded structures of masonry brickwork or shallow foundations made of stone with brick have been found, and preliminary considerations point to the fact that there have been several phases of building activities through the Modern Era period.

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archaeological excavation; modern period; Aleksandar Patačić; Zrinski Tower; Patačić Palace; town of Vrbovec; northwestern Croatia

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