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Croatian medieval poetry in latin

Josip Bratulić

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The 9th to 15th century stone monuments of Croatia, the archeological
material, had not been attractive to our philologists, not even while they were studying the inscriptions on them; they were primarily interested in the mediaeval Latin characteristics. Still, the careful reading
of these stones, from the most ancient times to the humanistic periods, brings out the verses written to the poetic rules of the mediaeval
Latin poetry. The reflex of the mediaeval renaissance periods (Carolingian and Ottoman) and of the specific way of progress of the Croatian mediaeval Latin is visible on most of these stone monument inscriptions. To the word of the poet are applied the rules of the mediaeval
poetry: the organizing force of the verse-making is assonance or alliteration, leonine rhyme being frequent too. The inscriptions, therefore,
are not only the sources for the historical researching, but are the monuments of the Croatian mediaeval poetry in Latin as well.

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