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Marko Samardžija

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By analysing the language and style features of Antun Soljan's novel The Second People on the Moon the author tries to define the characteristics of the jeans prose writing. He deals with three kinds of features: lexic ones, syntactic and semantic ones, and the graphic ones. He goes into broader study of the lexic features: the intrusion of the elements of speech forms, of jargon, and of provincial forms into the language of literary works, and that of the stylegeneity of archaisms and neologisms. He thks of the writer's creative approach to the language when he points out some examples of unusual adjective-noun and verb-noun connecting in the otherwise standard language form. He is drawing attention to the specific relation the writer shows to the Croatian
literary tradition, and especially, to the language of the oral traditional
literature. The conclusion of the paper deals with the problems the linguistic stylist has when studying such works.

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