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Josip Mihojević

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Croatian baroque poet Ivan Ivanisevic (1608—1665) in one poem of his literary work Kita cvitja razlikova (Bouquet of various flowers) vehemently attacked women. The poem of Ivanisevic made the reaction of the other poet, Jakov Arcnolušić, who rose to protect women. That opposition of the opinions somebody called the first Croatian literary discussion. In the next century that poem of Ivanisevic provoked another
poet, Marko Arnerić. In his poem he also resolutely defended all feminine kind. That literary conflicts made the opinion that Ivan Ivanisevic was a womanhater.
That opinion is changing by carefully observation of the litarary work of Ivanisevic. In many verses of his work Kita cvitja razlikova he speaks very laudable about women. Ivanisevic wrote to some women
for several occasions poetic epistles and it was indicated by the reason that he appreciated them very much. In the foreword of his work he mentibns that he prepares a new work by intention to devote it to one woman. All this indicates that Ivanisevic was not a woman- hater. On the contrary, his expression about women was laudable and he emphasized their value.
The poem of Ivanisevic against women was provoked by the other reason. In the townlet Hvar where Ivanisevic lived, he was exposed to the various gossips and the biggest part of that was by women. Gossips became dangerous when aft wa|s told that he was a follower of the Protestant heresy. In the town Split, in the neighbourhood of the island Hvar, some time before that, the inquisition conducted the processes against the followers of the sentenced archbishop Marko Antun Dominis. Ivanisevic estimated that women brought him a great distress. It was the reason which stimulated him to write the poem about evil women’s tongues, because gossips made his life very unpleasant.
Because of gossips he was forced to leave the respectable service of canon and vicar of Hvar and to go away to Brač, to the place Dol, where there was the property of his family.

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