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Microstructure of the Dictionary of the Croatian redaction of Church Slavonic and research challenges in its compiling

Ana Šimić orcid id ; Staroslavenski institut

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Dictionary of the Croatian redaction of Church Slavonic is a period dictionary, being the sub-type of the historical dictionary. The paper presents the distinctive feature of the dictionary article, which is containing five idioms and four scripts. The microstructure of the dictionary article, i. e. orthographic, graphic, syntactic, morphological, semantic, stylistic, distibutional, usage, illustrative and interlingual data are presented as well. Owing to the informativeness of its microstructure Dictionary of the Croatian redaction of Church Slavonic enables further non-comparative and comparative given corpus related researches but also serves as a basis for them. The second part of the paper discusses some research challenges in compilling of the Dictionary. They emerge from the fact that the Dictionary is the first lexicographical description of Croatian Church Slavonic, literary idiom with texts translated from Latin and (through Old Church Slavonic tradition) Old Greek originals. As a result, it may happen that a lexicographer sometimes finds the originals more understandable than the translation, which can distract him in making the appropriate identification of the Croatian Church Slavonic entry. Apart from relying to much on the Latin and Old Greek originals, researcher bias can be increased by the influence of synchrony, especially when dealing with entries with recognizable forms and seemingly transparent meanings. Mere awareness of these challenges makes it possible to overcome them, together with the constant deepening of one’s linguistic competence and team work.

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historical lexicography, Croatian Church Slavonic, dictionary’s microstructure, research challenges, researcher bias

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