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Frequency and Correlates of Dieting Behavior in Adolescence


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The present study compared the self-esteem, body
satisfaction, depression and body mass index among the
subjects of different levels of dieting. Self-report measures
were administered to 497 schoolgirls and 266 boys
attending primary and secondary schools in Croatia. Results
showing that 31% of girls and 18,4% of boys were
categorised as intermediate and 9,3% of girls and 4,1% of
boys fell into a group of extreme dieters. The girls who
where dieting reported significantly lower body satisfaction
and self-esteem, higher depression and higher BMI as
compared with non-dieters. For boys differences were found
only in body mass index (extreme dieters have significantly higher BMI than non-dieters). The results of multiple
regression analysis show higher BMI, lowered body
satisfaction and age as predictors of dieting among
schoolgirls and boys. Implications for a theory and possible
directions for future research are discussed.

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