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Adolescents’ Assessment of Self-Perception and Quality of Relationships with Parents Regarding Their Experience as Displaced Persons or Refugees

Kristina URBANC

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This paper presents research on quality of adolescentsparents
relationships, concerning their experiences of being
displaced or refugeed during the war period. The sample
comprised 564 high school students in the area of Zagreb
and was divided into two subgroups: students with refugee
experience and students without that experience. The
intention was to determine the correlation between the
quality of adolescent's self-perception and the quality of
relationship with his/her parents and to find out the
differences between subgroups concerning quality of
relationship with their parents. The results have shown that a
higher quality of self-perception is correlated to a higher
quality of relationship with parents. It has been also found
that adolescents with refugee experiences perceived their
relationships with their parents as more supportive, closer
and more helpful than adolescents without refugee
experience. According to obtained research results the author
stresses the importance of defining and preserving protective
factors on the individual and family level versus risk factors
(such as war) on the community or society level.

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