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The Price of a Rise. The Disappearance of Intellectuals in 20th Century Mass-Societies

Tomislav MARKUS

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The author describes, in general points, the victory of
mass-societies or the ochlocratic system in Europe, North
America and greater part of the World from the 18th to the
second half of the 20th century and the relationship of
intellectuals toward it. Many renowned intellectuals had,
at the beginning, a lot of reserve toward the tendencies of
creation of the ochlocratic system, especially in Germany in
the 19th century, but they mostly accepted it by 1914 in
North America and the majority of countries in Western and
Central Europe. The ideas of technical expansion had
already been mostly accepted (in the 18th and 19th
centuries) as well as continual augmentation of the
technical and economical powers of their national states.
Intellectuals rejected, save infrequent exceptions, earlier
values of spiritual autonomy, a critical approach toward
their own society, holistic admission and moral personality.
They became partial to modern collectivism, i. e. nation,
state and megamachine or they accepted some particular
values, such as race, sex, party, revolution, laws of human
history, human kind etc. The so-called social sciences serve
the ochlocratic system with a theoretical apology and the socalled
natural sciences with participation in technical
expansion. The author intercedes for the renewal of
individual autonomy, a more critical approach toward
the ochlocratic system and the creation of a new
democratic society.

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