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Matković Bojan
Kenneth Swalgin
Kenneth Swalgin2

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The aim of this study was to evaluate differences between American and Croatian basketball coaches in their health-related habits regarding usual physical activity, alcohol consumption and smoking. The sample comprised 63 basketball coaches from Croatia and 43 from the United States of America. To determine alcohol consumption and smoking habits, a new questionnaire was constructed based on previous national and international studies. The questionnaire was completed anonymously on a voluntary basis. The Baeckes questionnaire was used to determine usual physical activity. Body height and mass measurements were used to calculate body mass index. The obtained data were analyzed using the statistical software package SPSS 13.0 in accordance with standard statistical procedures. The study revealed no significant difference in body mass index between coaches from both countries. Differences in body mass exist between coaches and the normal population exist but are not satisfactory. Smoking is unfortunately widely accepted. In terms of deaths caused by tracheal, bronchial, and lung cancers, it may be argued that real results are not yet apparent, as these numbers remain very high. Concerning smoking habits, the study found that 20% of all tennis coaches, although none of the American coaches, are smokers. Approximately 75% of coaches consume alcohol, mostly beer and wine. Consumption levels are similar in both groups.

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basketball, coaches, physical activity, smoking, alcohol

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