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The Croatian Parish Community in Areas Affected by War and Its Social Role in the Integrational Processes of Return In Croatia


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In the war period the position of church parish communities in
areas of Croatia affected by the war was very difficult. They were
exiled from their towns and the countryside, their members ending
up throughout Croatia and Europe. Furthermore, what contributed
to the exile of parish communities was also the negative
attitude of the Serbian Orthodox Church manifested in the Orthodox
"spirituality of ossuaries". Church parish communities as
social and caritative institutions in areas not affected by the war
provided pastoral-spiritual and material assistance for the exiled
parish communities. The latter fostered peacemaking, togetherness
and solidarity in exile. In the process of return and re-building
of the destroyed and devastated Croatian areas affected by
war, the parish communities have "revived" church and social life
which was close to extinction and, in addition, they have paved
the way to encounter, tolerance, ecumenism, dialogue and pluralism.
And finally, the restructuration and reemergence of pluralist
parish communities contributes to the renewal of church life
and at the same time to the development of a humanistic Croatian
society on its way towards European and globalizational

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