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State and Judiciary

Daniel Chabanol

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By its nature, implementing justice is a state mission (State Council, 27 February 2004, Popin : « Justice is inseparable from the state « ). This expresses the opinion stated in every court judgement of the Republic of France, which are continuously handed down « in the name of the French people «. Namely, judgements are never passed in the name of the region or municipality. A part of state activity which can in no way be placed under organizational mechanism is approached in this way. Although defense, security, implementation of the law, monetary administration and public health can sometimes, even though a sensitive area is concerned, be reduced to establishing appropriate means to achieved aims. Despite the mission of justice being unable to be assessed merely with the help of material means, it is correct that all public activity is subject to evaluation and therewith the aim of implementing justice (taxation, education, health, public spending). This mentioned public activity is also assessed given the demands of the judiciary. The demands of the judiciary do not have to be under exclusive supervision of the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Justice is not responsible for the general concept of « justice» in the state, Rather, it is responsible for the bodies the aim of which is to finalize court disputes (civil court, criminal court, administration court etc.) Every properly regulated society needs to decide on dispute duration and must finalize proceedings within a reasonable deadline.

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