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Serving the state: the values and the etique of the public service - from good behavior to good governance

Jérôme Michel

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str. 35-45

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The State is not merely a legal construction, nor can it be summarized in all its procedures or legitimate limitations. The State is comprised of physical individuals who in different ways direct its activity. Ways of serving the state above all are based on constant consideration of the significance of those duties and on the philosophy of the state. Therefore, this question constantly emerges: do we serve the state as we did before in the past? The answer to this question is certainly not the same everywhere. Officials in the Republic of Croatia certainly will not answer this question the same as officials in the Republic of France. Do we give the same meaning to these words in: Paris, Brussels, Zagreb or Washington? Without doubt the answer is no. The answer to this question is conditioned by the history of the particular state and its configuration. However, regardless of existing differences, we believe that the challenges facing us today are the same as those before given that one demand remains constantly the same today and that one is: the feeling of belonging to the public service and the professional example. Evolution is certainly still in progress and it is linked to the transformation marks of the state which undoubtedly influence serving the state. This article therefore discusses: the classic concept of the public service and the modern concept of the public service.

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public service; values; ethics; France

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