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Control over administration in the context of europeization: independent control bodies in Croatia as guardians of integrity

Anamarija Musa ; Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 179-208

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The independent control of bodies or ICB (NKT) which is a specific group of institutions controlling administration, act like an extension of the legislator and citizen in the supervision of public administration and bearers of political powers. Together with their independent position in the institutional landscape, their peculiarity lies in the legislator giving them certain control powers over subjects of supervision. At the foundation of their activity is the principle of transparency which gives citizens information on the results of their work. They are part of the modern institutional development of democratic states including Croatia, which during the process of entering the European Union independently established or improved ICB (NKT) to ensure control over administration and strengthened combatting corruption. Analysis of the four ICBs (NKT) – the Government Audit Office, State Commissions for controlling public procurement procedures, Boards for deciding on conflict of interest and Commissioners for informing show that they are independent and accountable. However, among them differences exist in institutional design given the time and context in which they came about.

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administration responsibility; control over administration; supervision of administration; independent control of bodies; integrity; Europeanisation; transparency

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