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“Forgotten” principle of finality in the administrative procedure

Marko Šikić

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The institute of finality in Croatian general administrative procedure is described and analyzed in his paper. The historical development of the institute of finality is summarily described through the laws by which, in Croatian law, the substance of general administrative procedure was regulated. The absence of the institute of so-called finality in the valid General Administrative Procedure Act is analyzed and the fact that in certain laws the expression finality is still used is pointed out. For the stated institute to be better understood, this paper also briefly describes the institutes of legitimate expectations of legal validity which are closely related to the institute of finality. In conclusion, the author purports the re-introduction of the institute of finality in the General Administrative Procedure Act as well as the consistent use of the expression of finality for marking the procedural moment at where the administrative act is after appeals have been used in the administrative procedure.

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finality; legitimate expectations; legal validity; administrative procedure; administrative dispute

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