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The Ecological Spirituality in the Light of Laudato sì

Ivan Platovnjak orcid id ; Teološki fakultet, Sveučilište u Ljubljani, Ljubljana, Slovenija

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str. 75-91

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Christians confess their faith in God the Creator of heaven and earth. The question is whether they have a different relationship to creation than those who do not look on creation in the light of faith in God the Creator. The majority is unaware that the fullness of Christian spirituality is lacking if the fruit of it does not include a greater ecological awareness manifesting in concrete care for a common home. The Catholic Church has long delayed the publication of official documents that promote environmental concerns. This restraint was overcome by Pope Francis through his encyclical Laudato sì, in which he highlighted the problems of ecological insecurity and a certain indifference of many Christians in relation to the environment. The pope addressed the encyclical to the whole of humankind, because he wanted to call all people to unite in a repeated common search and realization of concrete care for our common home. In this paper the author wants to first present the pope’s criticism and encouragement in regard to solving the ecological crisis. Then he will present a way of ecological spirituality, to which he is inviting all humanity, and especially Catholics. At the end he will present two spiritual means, offered by Ignatian Spirituality (contemplation, exsamen), that enable a new relationship toward creation, which ecological spirituality is encouraging.

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ecological spirituality; Pope Francis; ecology; Laudato sì; Trinitarian God; creation; Ignatian spirituality; contemplation; exsamen

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