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A Survey of Procreation Rights in the Croatian Legal System


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The topic of the article is procreative rights considered in a
broader sense as a certain system of values, including rights such
as the right to establish a family without discrimination, the right
to the protection of motherhood, the right to procreative health
and adequate information on family planning, the right to medically
assisted procreation. The first part of the paper represents in
brief a review of the development of procreative rights in a system
of international documents, through several selected documents
relevant or that should become relevant for Croatian law.
In the second part follows a survey of acts regulating rights associated
with human procreation in the Croatian system of law,
from the Constitution and international conventions, which are
obligatory and according to legal power above law, to laws in
several legal fields. In addition, several draft bills are presented which are soon expected to modernize the medical-legal aspect
of procreation. Finally, the situation in Croatian law is examined
from the viewpoint of standards set in previously presented international

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