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John FOX

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In its European Agreements with Central and Eastern
European countries (Croatia has yet to be included) the EU
has spelt-out a commitment towards helping them integrate
with the EU. The evolution of these economies from centrally
planned to market economies is important to achieving this.
A characteristic of the transitional processes of these
countries is the emergence of a pan-European consumer
culture which can be described, as suggested in this paper,
using their TV-commercials. An analysis of TV-commercials
for a six-year time span for Croatia and Slovenia with the EU
confirms a recognisable convergence of these two countries
towards pan-European consumerism. No significant
statistical difference between Slovenia and Croatia was found
for 1998. Results call for an enhanced EU relationship with
Croatia: for the EU to respect its commitment towards
'offering opportunities, not restrictions' and show concern
which goes beyond globalisation processes..

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