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Međunarodno pravo mora i Hrvatska [= International law of the sea and Croatia] (author V. Ibler) (Zagreb, 2001) : [book review]

Marina Vokić Žužul ; Jadranski zavod HAZU, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 131-133

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This book represents a very systematic analysis of the provisions of the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and their application in the Croatian legal order. The author divided the subject-matter of this book into four chapters. In the introductory part he explains the legal nature and historical development of international law of the sea. In the second chapter gives a complete survey of the contemporary law of the sea (all legal regimes of different parts of the sea, sea-bed and its subsoil,the provisions concerning the protection and preservation of the marine environment, the settlement of disputes, the right of access of land-locked states to and from the sea and freedom of transit, etc.). Attention is devoted primarily to the parts of the Convention whose application is important for the coastal country in such a geographical position as Croatia. The third chapter deals with characteristics of Croatia as coastal, maritime and transit state with long maritime tradition. In the final chapter author gives very detailed analysis of the problems and claims raised in maritime delimitations between the Republic of Croatia and its neighbouring coastal states. In this chapter he also deals with relevant questions regarding the prevention of marine pollution in the Adriatic Sea and the protection the interests of Croatia in its continental shelf. Special attention is paid to the Republic of Croatia's right to proclaim its exclusive economic zone. The book is written clearly and systematically in highly readable style. Therefore it can serve as a useful textbook and precious source of information for further consideration to all who have an academic or practical interest in this field.

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book review, international law of the sea, Republic of Croatia

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