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Međunarodno pravo [= International law] (author V.Dj. Degan) (Rijeka, 2000) : [book review]

Jasenko Marin ; Jadranski zavod HAZU, Zagreb

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str. 227-232

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The author divided the subject-matter of this textbook into the following parts: Part I - Introduction - deals with the legal nature and historical development of international law. In the Part II - Sources of international law - author analyzes various sources of international law. He starts with general principles of law, which is followed by customary law and the law of international treaties. At the end of this part he explains the importance of unilateral acts of a State as a source of international law. Part III - International community - offers a systematic analysis of subjects of international law (States, other territorial entities, international organizations, some special cases of subjects of international law). Special attention is paid to the position of individuals in international law. Part IV - Objects in international law - contains explanations related to the issue of the state territory. Some very important areas of international law are dealt with in this part, such as the law of the sea, space law and air law. Part V - Peaceful settlement of disputes and maintenance of peace - is devoted to the settlement of disputes by peaceful means. The role of the United Nations and other international organizations concerning maintenance of international security and peace is also elaborated. In Part VI - The law of armed conflicts - the author explains some important topics related to the law of armed conflicts and humanitarian law, such as the international and non-international armed conflicts, neutrality in an armed conflict, maritime warfare, etc. This book is written in a clear and highly readable style. It serves as a university textbook as well as a useful work of reference for those engaged in a practical way with international law.

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