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Do they always have a legal effect clause on the identity of a carrier in English law: [case review and comment]

Časlav Pejović ; Kyushu University, Japan

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For the purpose of determining the responsible person from the bill of lading (the shipowner or contracting authority from the shipping contract), the main point in the header of the bill of lading is the carrier. That fact has a greater probative value than the fact that the bill of lading was signed by the commander as a shipowner's official and the fact that the bill of lading carries a clause on the identity of the carrier. A bill of lading signed by a commander usually commits a shipowner, but it does not have to be so. The carrier's identity clause leaves the possibility that, in spite of its contents, someone other than a shipowner is considered a carrier.

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case review; carrier's identity; English law; bill of lading;

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