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Pomorsko međunarodno privatno pravo - izvanugovorna odgovornost za štetu i problem izbora mjerodavnog prava [= Maritime private international law - Tortious liability and the problem of applicable law] (author Vesna Tomljenović) (Rijeka, 1998) : [book review]

Dorotea Ćorić ; Jadranski zavod HAZU, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 215-217

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This book gives a legal analysis of the conflict of law rules for maritime torts. After an introductory, in the second part of the book the author analyzes the general conflict of law rules for torts lex loci delicti, and the specific for maritime torts lex bandi. In the third part the author deals with the problem of conflict of law rules for three different cases of extra-contractual liability in maritime law: a collision, personal injuries and wrongful death and pollution of the sea caused by a vessel. Special attention is paid to the application of the specific conflict of law rules lex bandi in cases of vessels flying flags of convenience and bareboat charter. In the final part author stresses that in many legal systems exists a strong tendency of rejection of the fixed and rigid conflict of law rule lex loci delicti (lex bandi) and elastic conflict of law principle of the closest connection has been introduced. The book is written clearly and concisely and is a very useful source of information for further consideration.

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book review; maritime private international law; tortious liability for damage; applicable law; conflict of law rules;

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