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Relationship Between Leisure Time and Quality of Life of High School Students

Marija Rattinger ; Osnovna škola Bartola Kašića, Zagreb

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Students' leisure time, and the use of social networks as one of its inherent elements, can play an important role in the quality of their life. The aim of the research is to look into the features and predictive role of free time as well as the usage of social networks in life quality of the high school students. Appropriate instruments were used to collect data – these include demographic data, as well as a Leisure-Time Activity Scale, Social Media Attitude Scale and a Quality of Life Scale. The research was conducted on a sample of students from different high schools (N=150) from both urban and rural areas of Zagreb and Zagreb county. The results indicate that the demographic features of the examinees and free time activities are statistically significant predictors of secondary-school students’ quality of life. Social network opinions haven't shown any statistical significance in the examinee’s self-assessment of their life quality. There is a statistical significance within the self-assessed life quality and the frequency of social network usage regarding the gender of the students.
The research has yielded descriptive characteristics of the definition of the high school students’ quality of life and leisure time, and explained the predictive relationships among leisure time, social networks and individual features of students in the self-assessment of the quality of their lives.

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social networks; life quality; free time; high school students

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