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Traditional Music of Istria in Teaching Music Culture in the Lower Classes of Elementary School

Snježana Močinić ; Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli, Fakultet za odgojne i obrazovne znanosti Pula, Hrvatska
Marija Crnčić Brajković ; Pula, Hrvatska

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str. 141-152

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Traditional music is integrated into the life of every human community and it reflects the way of thinking and lifestyle of people who have created it, preserved it and passed it on to younger generations. In addition to being an expression of creativity and desire for fun, traditional music is part of the customs and rituals related to the daily life and important events in the life of every individual. In the past, traditional music was passed down for generations by word of mouth. Nowadays, the progress of technology and means of communication has changed the way of oral traditions and primary schools have the task to preserve cultural heritage sites and transmit them to the younger generations. According to the primary school curriculum in the Republic of Croatia (2006), the teacher is free to choose the traditional motifs and melodies, as well as other traditional contents, which may be included in their implementing curriculum. This paper presents the data concerning the realization of such contents. A survey, based on the representation of traditional music in lower primary school classes in the subject Music Culture, was conducted in southern Istria to check the teachers' attitudes in the matter. The research has pointed out the differences in the implementation of traditional contents caused primarily by the teachers' personal standpoints. In preserving the musical heritage, the contemporary organized educational system has an invaluable role. Using regular and extracurricular activities, and the correlation with other curriculum areas, teachers can, using traditional music complement the student's knowledge and contribute to the development of their skills.

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traditional music of Istria; curriculum; Music Culture; Music Culture teachers

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