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Knowledge and Attitudes of Teachers Towards Artistically Gifted Children

Dijana Ravlić ; Cabuna, Hrvatska

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str. 155-168

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Artistically gifted children belong to the group of children with special needs. Identifying characteristics of artistically gifted children is of a great importance since they may be incorrectly diagnosed as hyperactive children. The aim of this study was to examine the knowledge and attitudes of teachers towards adapting fine arts to artistically gifted children. The introductory part of the paper lists the definitions of general talent and describes the characteristics of gifted children in general. Furthermore, it describes the artistic creativity and characteristics of artistically gifted children, as well as customizing fine arts lessons to artistically gifted children. The empirical part of this research surveyed 93 element teachers who completed relevant questionnaires. The results of this study show that teachers have a positive attitude towards the adaptation of visual art lessons to artistically gifted children. Also, they had wide knowledge of artistically gifted children. No significant correlation between teachers' attitudes towards the adjustment of fine arts to artistically gifted children and teacher's knowledge of artistically gifted children was found. It was concluded that the majority of teachers considered that the number of fine arts lessons should be higher than it is at the moment, which would enable a more quality teaching of the subject.

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knowledge; attitude; adjustment; artistically gifted children; fine arts.

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