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Companies' websites in B-H: innovative marketing strategies or cyberbrochures

Muris Čičić ; Ekonomski fakultet u Sarajevu
Nenad Brkić orcid id ; Ekonomski fakultet u Sarajevu
Dino Selimović ; Ekonomski fakultet u Sarajevu

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This research was aimed at determining the status of companies' presentation on the Internet through analyzing the contents and structure of web sites of the 50 greates companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B-H). The research was based on similar studies previously conducted in the USA among the leading US companies. The methodology used was modified according to typical features of B-H business web sites. The total of 69 elements of marketing communication mix was identified on the web sites, and classified into ten separate categories: (1) general information, (2) web-characteristic components, (3) public relations, (4) shareholders information, (5) company information, (6) information on products/services, (7) location and prices, (8) sales advancement, (9) advertising and (10) visual components. The present elements were analyzed within each of the categories. Based on the sum of all the elements, the chart of highest-quality web sites was produced, on the analyzed sample of the 50 biggest B-H companies (according to total revenues). The results of analyzing the contents and structure of corporate web sites of the 50 biggest B-H companies led to the general conclusion that leading B-H companies still pay insufficient attention to corporate and marketing on-line communication, rarely update the contents on their web sites, and do not pay adequate attention to graphic design solutions of their web-presentations. This research can help managers in charge of structuring and launching web sites contents to seriously realize and learnd about the advantages of Internet, on-line technologies and services, and point to the necessity of long-term strategic planning of marketing and marketing communications over the Internet.

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Internet; Web sites; companies in B-H; promotional mix; content analysis

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