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Internet marketing application in Croatia: case of daily newspapers publishers

Vatroslav Škare orcid id ; Ekonomski fakultet-Zagreb

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According to the latest research, there are 1.2 million Internet users in Croatia and the number is increasing. Additional research would probably show a small number of active Internet users, who use the Internet every day. Nevertheless, the number of the Internet users in Croatia is significant which is an important fact for enterprises and institutions and their Internet marketing activities. The Internet marketing application in Croatia is increasing, but the level of adoption varies among businesses.
The most popular Internet serivice, the World Wide Web, is usually called a new medium. The Web is and opportunity for many new independent publishers who publish their contenct exclusively on-line. Meanwhile, traditional media, such as daily newspapers, radio and TV, adopted the Web as a new distribution channel for their content. Traditional publishers see web as an opportunity in reaching audience, but also as a threat to their main channel (for example, printed newspapers). The channel cannibalization threat is high for printed media, especially daily newspapers.
Most daily newspaper publishers in Croatia are present on-line and face many challenges, such as:
• Should we publish all of our off-line content on-line?
• How will we adapt our content for on-line publishing?
• What value should we ad for our on-line readers?
• How will we change our on-line content?
The paper examines on-line editions of daily newspapers in Croatia that sell their printed editions nationwide (local editions are excluded) and that are not specialized (for example, business daily newspaper). The research was conducetd using interviews with daily newspaper on-line editors and the concept of their on-line edition was defined. The web sites of Croatian daily newspapers were also examined using evaluation form.
The research elaborates the Internet marketing application possibilities for daily newspaper publishers in Croatia. Finally, recommendations for future research are given.

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Internet marketing; media; distribution channels

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