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Religious Experience – The Unresearched or/and Unresearchable Dimension of Religion and Religiosity


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In addition to stressing the complexity and fluidity of the
religious-religiose phenomenon, the article considers
attempts to define it indirectly through various dimensions, i. e.
searching for those specific features which distinguish it from
other social phenomena. This step, in turn, is determined by
the theoretical approach to that phenomenon. Therefore, the
approach to the latter requires not only the analysis of its
numerous dimensions, but also several different theoretical
approaches. The multidimensional approaches to the
phenomenon of religion and religiosity on the empirical level
are mostly based on different variants or modifications of five
main dimensions constituted by Charles Y. Glock and Rodney
Stark. The article specially elaborates the dimension of
religious-religiose experience. In contemporary religious
revivals this dimension is of central importance determining
the complete lives of those who have had that experience.
This unresearched dimension will thus be the focus of future
research as well.

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