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Luhmann’s Understanding of the Function of Religion


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With regard to Luhmann’s understanding and definition of
the function of religion (Funktion der Religion), Luhmann’s
methodological approach to the concept of religion
(Religionsbegriff) is singled out in the paper. Luhmann’s
concept of religion, consisting of two components, is based
on the following question: What is the competence of
religion in society? The first component of this concept can
be found in the problem religion addresses (Bezugsproblem
der Religion), which Luhmann defines as the problem of
transformation from indeterminable to determinable
complexity, while the second component of his religious
concept contains the way in which religion in the coding
process accepts its task by coding the undetermined
(unbestimmtes) and indeterminable (unbestimmbares). Luhmann maintains that there are functional equivalents for
religion, dealing with the same problem religion addresses,
but solving it in a different way. This problem cannot be
considered complete until the possible functional equivalents
that can substitute religion are discovered. If there are
functional equivalents for religion, the question that arises is:
does religion have a future at all? This question can be
answered only if the substitute (to come instead of religion) is
previously determined.

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