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A century of dissolved gas analysis - part I

Marius Grisaru

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Electricity powers the world and is an
indispensable product for humanity,
almost like water and food. This
energy category needs two types of
materials which make it feasible -
electrical conductors and electrical
insulators. In practice, no one can
afford to use ideal conductors and
insulations matrixes. Accordingly, the
industry has to compromise with the
best available materials at acceptable
prices. Power transformers, like any
other electrical device, have to contain
these two types of materials. The most
advantageous insulation media for
most power transformers today is
liquid insulation combined with solid
insulation for both mechanical and
electrical strength. It is well known that
increases in temperature of conductive
and insulating materials decrease their
capabilities to conduct and to isolate
the electricity, respectively. Temperature
positive feedback deteriorates the
properties of both media, conductors
and insulators, exponentially.

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DGA, transformer oil, analysis

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