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Roman Melnyk ; Nacionalno sveučilište Taras Shevchenko, Kijev, Ukrajina
Anna Barikova ; Vrhovni Sud, Kijev, Ukrajina

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Institutional, teleological and consensual blockchain jurisdiction manifestations have been articulated in the activities of the public administration concerning interventional, contributory, protective, delegated, executive and efficient public administration. The authors have revealed the service format of functioning and synergy of the cross-border interaction of public administration within horizontal and vertical relations with the subjects of public and private law. Legitimacy of transformational remodelling of power, as well as the specifics of the values intercourse in information and traditional societies in the framework of implementing the powers of cross-border public administration through the simulation category. The paper highlights the functioning dynamics of cross-border public administration in the external and internal dimension in terms of using such instruments of public administration, as regulatory and administrative acts, acts-plans, acts-actions, administrative contracts. Fundamental influence of technological innovations on the public service activities of public administration has been proved in a transboundary perspective to achieve the rule of law, the maximum legal certainty of streamlining the process of public governance. Institutionalization of the synergetic paradigm has been established for using the tools of public administration within the blockchain jurisdiction to properly implement the cross-border competence of public administration, which will contribute to the adaptation of national law to the supranational legal framework. The authors have specified that, with proper implementation of the competence of cross-border public administration within the blockchain jurisdiction, there is a ‘self-propelled’ system with a measurable number of variables for institutionalization of such an organizational structure, which could be self- reproducible in the presence of corresponding internal and external links with the allocation of order parameters.

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blockchain, public administration, administrative jurisdiction, public governance, tools

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