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Tragoedia Humana: The Problem of Idealistic Failure

Bernard Špoljarić orcid id ; Avenija Dubrava 240, HR–10040 Zagreb

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Locating the origin of psychic suffering akin to human kind requires an approach to the subject that cannot be reduced to any special method of natural sciences, psychology, history and sociology, and it oversteps particularities which are being carried by confined perspectives; cultural and historical spacing. The question of psychic suffering is a question regarding a human being in general, and thus except for insights compiled by the interdisciplinary method, we also need a philosophical investigation of the subject. It is not meant in the sense of isolation, rather as coupled with that wholeness by which a human being attains its being as being one among many. In a sense given, this investigation is guided by an idea of rupturedness as a paradigm of what is considered to be psychic suffering, conditioned by the fact that suffering presupposes a sort of deficiency. The paper seeks possible solutions starting from understanding the human condition as an inherently tragic state of neediness.

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tragedy, idealism, absolute, all-oneness, system, being, philosophy, science, dialectics

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